What kind of soft bed home is better?

August 3, 2021

Now everyone likes soft beds, mainly because the quality of sleep is better, so what kind of soft bed home is better?
1. The body and the bed have a relatively high degree of fit, so that every inch of the body can touch the bed to the greatest extent, so as to meet different body types. Regarding the pressure on the shoulders and buttocks, it reduces the discomfort and tenderness caused by the pressure on the part of the body, and keeps the blood vessels unblocked.
2. The soft bed should have enough resilience and the rebound speed should be fast. If the pressure part of the bed should sink quickly, the pressure relief part should rebound quickly, so that the rapid rebound can make people turn over, just like sleeping Turned over in the cotton pile helpless, especially tired.
3. No matter how you sleep, keep your body in a natural relaxed state, even if you are lying on your side, keep your spine straight; when lying on your back, keep your spine in a shallow "S" shape to avoid local compression of the intervertebral disc due to spinal deformation , So that the intervertebral discs, especially the lumbar intervertebral discs, can be rested and repaired, thereby reducing the occurrence of lumbar spondylosis.
4. The soft bed must have good air permeability, because the human body will feel ventilated and cool when sleeping; sleeping on a soft bed, plus a soft bed mattress, the contact area between the human body and the bed is large, and the contact part cannot directly contact the air. This is also the main reason why the soft bed feels hotter. Therefore, good air permeability is particularly important for soft beds.
5. Choose a soft bed that does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, so that it will not cause harm to the human body and cause no pollution to the environment. The use of cotton fabrics will not generate static electricity, reduce skin irritation, and benefit health.

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