Privacy Policy

Privacy protection agreement


      We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy. Before you use the services provided, please read the following statement carefully. In order to provide you with more accurate and targeted services, the personal information you provide may be used in the following ways.

      The relevant information you provide will collect your personal information when you voluntarily choose services or provide information, integrate this information, and conduct professional analysis and use of this information in order to provide you with better user services. Please provide your personal information in a timely, detailed and accurate manner when registering, and constantly update the registration information to meet the timely, detailed and accurate requirements. If there are problems caused by untrue registration information, you shall bear the corresponding consequences yourself. Please do not transfer or lend your account number and password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others, you should notify it immediately. The account and password are illegally used by others due to hacking or the user's negligence, and no legal responsibility shall be assumed.


Your operation:


      When you use it, the server will automatically record some information, including URL, IP address, browser type and language used, and access  date and time.

     We will treat this information in a highly responsible manner, and will never disclose this information to the public or provide it to a third party without your permission, except in the following cases:

(1) Obtain your authorization in advance;
(2) Only when you disclose your personal information can you provide the products and services you request;
(3) According to relevant laws and regulations;
(4) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government authorities;
(5) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.
(6) It may cooperate with a third party to provide users with relevant network services. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility for protecting user privacy, the user's registration information can be provided to the third party .
(7) We need to provide information to companies that provide products or services on our behalf (unless we ask you separately and obtain your consent, these companies have no right to use)


Revision of privacy policy:


      We may modify the privacy policy in order to provide better quality and reliable services.


Questions and suggestions:


      If you have other questions and suggestions, please let us know. Committed to protecting your privacy and wholeheartedly providing you with  high-quality services.