How to choose a mattress that suits you

July 22, 2021

The bed is a place for us to rest after a busy day. People spend 3/1 of their life in sleep. A good sleep is inseparable from a clean and hygienic mattress that suits you. What should you do with a mattress? select? Let me introduce how to choose a mattress that suits you from many aspects.

What material is good for the mattress?
1. The brown mattress has a hard material and is no different from a hardboard bed. Zongdian is made of natural materials, environmentally friendly and breathable. The advantages or disadvantages vary from person to person. People who like soft beds may not be able to adapt, but for people who are used to sleeping on hard mattresses, brown material should be a good choice.
2. Springs are now the mainstream material of mattresses, and there are many types. The better ones are independent springs and independent pocket springs. The independent spring mattress is composed of several springs connected and arranged, independently supported and capable of independent expansion and contraction. Independent pocket springs isolate each independent spring with a cloth bag, and the anti-interference ability is stronger than that of independent springs.
3. Latex is also a relatively expensive material. In addition to having the same advantages of fully fitting the spine and anti-interference as memory foam, because it is a natural material, anti-mite and antibacterial, its price is more expensive than memory foam. Latex has better support and is softer than memory foam, does not produce mites, and has good air permeability. Although it is soft, it won't sink into it as soon as you lie down.
4. Memory foam is sensitive to temperature. In order to have a better sleep experience, memory foam mattresses cannot be covered with mats or woolen pads, and electric blankets and other electrical equipment should not be placed. It may be slightly inconvenient when used in winter and summer.


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how to choose a mattress
1. Hygiene: it meets the requirements of human physiological hygiene and sleep. To maintain the natural curvature of the spine, this depends on the mattress having an overall, sufficient, uniform and close-fitting supporting force, maintaining the natural curvature of the spine and the neck, chest, and waist. Muscles) are relaxed and rested, which helps to relax the body and mind and sleep peacefully. Avoid local pressure on the body and affect blood circulation. If the mattress is too hard, when you lie on your back, the hips, sacrum, and heels are prone to local compression due to gravity, which may cause discomfort over time. The well-designed cushion layer is equipped with air vents, which is conducive to heat dissipation and moisture prevention, and keeps it dry and clean.
2. Comfort: The mattress has good elasticity, and the mattress is moderately hard and soft, and all parts of the body have a comfortable and relaxing feeling.
3. Beautiful: The mattress is beautiful and generous in appearance, which makes people get a kind of psychological pleasure.
4. Durable: The spring has good pressure resistance, does not deform or collapse after long-term use, is insect-proof and mold-proof, and the fabric is made of environmentally friendly materials.